Hi there!

Okay, I’m alive. Finally done with the heavy stuff IRL (school) — for now. I apologize for the lack of activity recently.

I just have a little request, for incoming asks, could you kindly add [Canon] and/or [Non-Canon] before your question? So I know if you’d like Canon!Zhuge Dan (I’m following the Hypothetical Route) or the Non-Canon!Zhuge Dan (my ships, headcanons, how I portray Dan, etc etc) to answer. I will also be tagging posts as canon and non-canon.

For example:

[Non-Canon] Why is your face like that?

Thank you and have a good day!

~ G

EDIT: Also, recently I have not been receiving notifications in my inbox. I wouldn’t know if I got an ask unless I check on it myself. It doesn’t show that red “1” anymore, i just get all surprised to see an ask there and it’s been sitting there for several weeks. Has anyone experienced this? How do I fix it?

EDIT2: I just contacted support; I hope they respond soon!

EDIT3: So yes, my issue with my inbox, I’m surprised to see these asks (I have a feeling they have been sitting here for a long time):


If you see your ask here please resend it, and on’t forget to mention if you’d like [Canon] or [Non-canon] Zhuge Dan to respond. Thank you!

[[ oh, and hello to you too c: ]]


For askzhugedan c:

yes I was the anon I don’t even know why I was anon lol but here you go!

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